Remote Server 5.7 Released

I’m happy to announce that Remote Server 5.7 has been released which supports the brand new PMDG 737NGXu for P3Dv4! I guess it came to … “Remote Server 5.7 Released”

Remote Server 5.6 Release

The Remote Overhead Client for PMDG’s 747 has been made available with this latest release. Additionally, there are some exciting bundle options available now so … “Remote Server 5.6 Release”

Remote Server 5.5 Release

Version 5.5 adds a whole new dimension to the Remote Overhead. Not only is the Remote Overhead available for the PMDG 777, it will also … “Remote Server 5.5 Release”

Remote Server 5.1 Released

Version 5.1 adds support for the QualityWings 787 including its MFK (the ‘CDU’ keypad) as well as the two corresponding MFDs. For the first time, … “Remote Server 5.1 Released”

Remote Server 5.0.4 Released

This version fixes an issue with the EFB not behaving correctly when LSKs were pressed.Additionally, a few bugs were fixed that popped up on isolated … “Remote Server 5.0.4 Released”

Remote Server 5.0 Released

Remote Server 5.0 has been released, adding support for EFBs (Electronic Flight Bags). Initially, PMDG’s 747-8 will be supported, with further addons to be added … “Remote Server 5.0 Released”

Remote Server 4.5 released

This new version is a major update and brings mainly a better user experience (UX). Data is updated faster to reduce the lag between the … “Remote Server 4.5 released”