What’s new: You can now cycle through the screens for a given addon without having to leave the fullscreen view. This means, as an example, that you can cycle through the 3 CDUs for the 777 (Left, Right, Center) or the 2 CDUs and DAVE for the Aerosoft CRJ. A pop-up will indicate which screen is currently active.
There are 2 ways to achieve this:
1) By touching on the top-most left/right CDU mounting screw (DAVE: edges of the title bar)

2) Or by touching the screen with 2 fingers simultaneously. The way this works: You touch (anywhere) on the screen with FINGER 1. You keep FINGER 1 held down while touching with FINGER 2 – the moment both fingers are detected, the CDU screen will cycle. Note – if the second finger touches to the RIGHT of your first finger, then the next CDU screen will show. If the second finger is to the LEFT of your first finger, the previous screen will show.